nike women’s roshe run hyperfuse, in laser crimson.

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She is madness, sanity. She is hell, and paradise.
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Kanye West Addresses His Critics

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And in the end,
we were all just humans
drunk on the idea
that love,
only love,
could heal
our brokeness.
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The toughest thing is to see a person you love get to the edge of their resolve and quietly fall apart. It’s a slumping of the shoulders or a long hurtful sigh or a sarcastic remark or they blink away a tear. It’s different than hysterics. There’s a silent internal folding like a shot in the gut, a hollow feeling of resigned pointlessness: and it’s so deadly quiet.

In that moment, they may be too embarrassed to ask for help or to expose how weak they really feel. But I hope it’s that exact moment we rush in to hold them up. I hope we fill up that crumpled collapsed space with a word of life. To remind them of their value, worth, dignity, to show the progress they have made up this mountain. I hope we don’t simply plod along when we know there’s something wrong: but we fly in there with the audacity to rebel against their resignation, as gentle as a surgeon and until our voice shakes.

It won’t be pretty. Probably it’ll feel like you’re not even helping. Real love is gritty, messy, clumsy, unpolished, raw. It’s not at all romantic or like a scripted Hollywood epiphany. But our words do not need to be witty or wise or altogether right. We just need someone to fall on, to lift our heavy arms, to be close enough to feel our hot tired breath: even for one more step. We need the hope of vulnerability. And to be that for someone reminds us why we do anything at all. We remember that the fabric of life is together, a journey of side-by-side, so that even a failure is not the end of anything, but only a deepening of you and me.

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gotta try this.

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The Hard Lesson Kevin Hart’s Mother Taught Him

Wow! This just gave me chills. So touching!


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"A man would rather have another man’s jealousy, than another man’s respect."

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love isn’t bending yourself backwards while setting yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. love isn’t a fleeting feeling you have to throw on someone each time they are afraid. love isn’t a word that simply forgives all the wrongdoing a person has done just for the sake of it.

where can i get something like this? i’m definitely in need of a bad ass pants suit. #help

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